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                   Discovery claim over real mean-densities of the planets and spin by the planets.


PART-B      Discovery claim MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE: Chapter 1 to 23.


PART-C      Discovery claim leaflets, brochures etc; which were made Public in the past.


PART-D      Discovery claim leaflets, brochures etc; current in circulation (not order than one year).

                   SPARK: Discovery claim over distance of a planet from the Sun (star).

PART-E      Answers of some queries (riddles/mysteries) over the challenged phenomena related to subjects     

                  Astronomy and Physics: Chapters 1 to onwards.

NOTE:     Detailed index follows.

 PART-A                                           SCIENCE TOPPLED

Though there are a number of discovery claims over different phenomena and facts over the subjects ‘Astronomy and Physics’ but here under this PART-A (PART-A1 and PART-A2), discovery facts/claims over only two phenomena have been exhibited to give answers to some queries titled: 'CONCLUSION QUERIES' and some Objective Type Questionnaires (OTQ-1 and OTQ-2) in 'Yes or 'No' to come at the conclusion that what is correct.


PART-A1 (Brief)

            Real (not calculated) mean-densities of the planets Mercury and Venus:

Discovery information under PART-A1 is in brief of some pages along with some queries over pink page titled: 'CONCLUSION QUERIES. Answers to the queries are self explanatory that real mean-densities of the planets Mercury and Venus are greater than the practically measured correct mean-density of the Earth. Please give the answers and have the litmus test.

Planets Mercury and Venus on being closer to the Sun and thrust factor by the blow of solar-ejects have proved that real mean-densities of the planets Mercury and Venus are greater than the practically measured correct mean-density of the Earth.


Click here> SCIENCE TOPPLED: Real mean-densities of Mercury and Venus

PART-A2 (Illustrated)

1.      Spin by the planets:

         (Research Paper (20120705): Do planets spin automatic or by a force?)

Planets close to the Sun by the friction from the matter of their molten cores have proved that planets do not spin by the conservation of angular momentum.

Click here >  PART-1 FLASH INFORMATION with OTQ-1 & PART-2 Additional Information

2.      Calculated mean-densities of the planets:

         (Research Paper (20120622): Are calculated mean densities of the planets correct?)

Planets close to the Sun and thrust by the blow of solar-ejects have proved that calculated mean-densities of the planets are wrong and false. (Practically measured mean-density by practically knowing mass of the Earth is correct).

Click here >  PART-1 FLASH INFORMATION with OTQ-2 & PART-2 Additional Information


1. Contents:  Illustration and proofs over discovery claims pertaining to subjects ‘Astronomy & Physics (States of the matter and unique properties of the rays)' and some other related discoveries.

2. Two clubbed subjects' discovery:   Discovery claims are over two clubbed subjects (Astronomy and Physics), which have been claimed over true working mechanism of solar/planetary system (and also over true working mechanism of galaxy, black-hole and pumping-hole) based over understood (discovered) unique materialistic properties of the rays (rays of all kinds) and also over true states of the matter. World has been challenged (2007) for wrong knowledge with it over said subjects. Illustrated discovery claims in Chapters 1 to 23 are over this PART-B.


3. Contrary knowledge discovery:  Discovery Claims are contrary to the existing understanding/knowledge with the World. So, it would not be easy to understand discovery claims unless the concerned reads all the pages and chapters exhibited over this PART-B. Among a number of reasons, the prime reason of wrong and false knowledge with the World is more than 4 centuries old when properties of the rays and states of the matters were defined. Prejudice mind-set with the Experts, thus with the Science-Concerneds has kept the World under dark from understanding the said facts.

4. MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE (Preliminary-2): Discovered unique materialistic properties of light/rays (rays of all kinds) and true-working mechanism of solar/planetary system and galaxy/black-hole/pumping-hole system.

          Pattern of the travelled path of the materialistic rays: Optically (In apparent sense as illustrated over Chapter No-1) we see and notice that light/rays and also other kinds of rays reach us straight from the Sun but particles of the rays on being materialistic; physically rays from spinning Sun do not adopt a straight path as explained and stated under Chapter No.1 (STATES OF THE MATTER). Particle materialistic-rays emerging from any spinning body do not travel straight physically; but form curve that too with specific patterns: Unique materialistic properties of the rays result for the working mechanism of solar/planetary system and also of the galaxy, black-hole and Pumping-hole system. Materialistic rays spin the celestial bodies, materialistic rays push the bodies to orbit and materialistic rays keep bodies over a flat-zone and also keep bodies apart/away along with additional centrifugal force.

Curved materialistic Sun-rays as  seen

from above/below the Sun-poles.

Mirror reflection image pattern of materialistic Sun-rays as seen from the Earth or from the plane passing through the equator of the Sun.

Note: Please go through Click here >  Flash Information and Click here > Fraction of discovery claim of PART-C before going through the Chapters of MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE.


Click here >  Chapter-1: States of the Matter

Click here >  Chapter-2: Does Space has absolute-nothing any where?

Click here >  Chapter-3: Evolution of the Visible-Universe

Click here >  Chapter-4: Aristotle's and Galileo's observation on falling bodies

Click here >  Chapter-5: Solar-system and how it evolved?

Click here >  Chapter-6: Comet

Click here >  Chapter-7: Planets

Click here >  Chapter-8: Moon and other satellites

Click here >  Chapter-9: Asteroids-belt, Kuiper-belt and Oort-cloud

Click here >  Chapter-10: Miscellaneous masses of the solar-system

Click here >  Chapter-11: Why seven days in a week?

Click here >  Chapter-12: Magnetism

Click here >  Chapter-13: Gravity

Click here >  Chapter-14: Living World beyond our Earth

Click here >  Chapter-15: Mind-set trend

Click here >  Chapter-16: Miscellaneous post-scripts

Click here >  Chapter-17: Global warming and Ice-age/Hot-age cycle

Click here >  Chapter-18: Dark Matter, Dark energy and Sub-atomic particles

Click here >  Chapter-19: Provoking Challenge

Click here >  Chapter-20: Confirmation of correctness from the concerned over the challenged claims related to subject Astronomy and Physics

Click here >  Chapter-21: Galaxies

Click here >  Chapter-22: Black-hole and Pumping-hole

Click here >  Chapter-23: Snags and Miscellaneous



After World challenge in July 2007, Challenger has to come up with a number of leaflets, brochures and also with discovery information in brief to make the Science-Concerneds aware of his discovery with ease. Such information has piled up but all are correct. In PART-C; only those Leaflets etc have been kept, which are current (not out dated) and rest of the leaflets etc has been put under the PART-D.


• Click here >  Flash Information

         (Information about discovery in flash form)

• Click here >  Fraction of discovery claims

         What force spins the planets; Why Mercury and Venus spin slower and Jupiter spins faster?; Why Venus spins retrograde (or   spins in the reverse direction)? and why Uranus spins its axis almost parallel to its orbital plane?
Click here >  Ten_Queries

        (Discovery in short over planetary working mechanism) over the challenged subject (Astronomy and rays of all kinds) and their answers.
Click here >  Pumping-Hole and Black-Hole

        (Phenomenon occurring in the centre of a massive active galaxy; is it by the Black-hole or by the discovered mechanism PUMPING-HOLE?

Click here >  Edition (III) SCIENCE HITS: Missile Hit Astronomy Information (Sl-1)

   Illustration has proved that planets do not spin by the conservation of angular momentum.

Click here > SCIENCE HITS: Torpedo Hit Astronomy information (Sl-2)

   Illustration has proved wrong World’s knowledge (understandings) over the formation of the planets and about the spin (spin-speed, spin-direction and tilt to spin-axis).

Click here > SCIENCE HITS: Atom Bomb Hit Big Bang Information (Sl-3)

   Illustration has proved wrong big- bang theory by just proving wrong the speculated shape of big bang mass.

Click here > SCIENCE HITS: Tsunami Hit Light/Rays Information (Sl-4)

  Illustration has proved wrong World’s knowledge (understandings) about light/rays by the discovered some facts over Astronomy and states of the matter.


Discovery claim leaflets, brochures etc; current in circulation (not older than one year).

Discovery claim: 'SPARK' (July, 2013):


Illustration has proved wrong World’s knowledge (understanding) over the distance of a planet from the Sun (star). Discovery claim: SPARK has been created to facilitate/easy understanding by the Science Concerneds; though the discovery has already been made Public in the year 2007.


          Discovery claim titled: SPARK is the root level discovery claim; understanding of which pertains to academic standard of Matriculate in Science. Discovery proves that a planet is not away from the Sun (star) only by the one force (i.e., centrifugal force) as the World understands from the 17th century to till date but a planet is additional away from the Sun (star) by the thrust/push from the high blow of solar/star ejects.


          Science Concerneds must give answers to some queries as stated over the discovery claim: SPARK to come at the conclusion by the World that what is correct.

Click here>  SPARK (20130716)


Answers of some queries (riddles/mysteries) over the challenged phenomena related to subjects Astronomy and Physics: Chapters 1 to onwards.

1.                Click here >  Chapter-1 SATELLITE MOON (20180430)

1.    How the Earth got its Moon?

2.    Why orbital plane of the Moon does not coincide with the equatorial plane of the Earth?

3.    One sixth gravity attraction of the Moon than the Earth over the ocean water forms high tides; if the Moon had deep ocean like the Earth has; how much high tide would have been over the Moon by the Earth’s Gravity? 

4.    (a)    Why are the volcanic eruptions and maria over the Moon concentrated on the side near to the Earth or facing the Earth?
  (b)    Why meteors which strike over the Moon have some pattern according to their sizes?

5.    What causes mysterious quakes that vibrate through lunar rocks over the side of the Moon which is away from the Earth?

6.    Why the Moon always faces the same side towards the Earth?

7.    Why the Moon is closer to the Earth when it is closer to the Sun and farther away when away from the Sun?

8.    Is the Moon moving away from the Earth?

9.    Fate of the Moon forecasted that how and when Earth would engulf it (Moon)?

10.    Does Moon have water; if so from where did it get water?

11.    Mean density of the satellite Moon: it requires re-check because of ignored thrust factor by the materialistic particle rays of the Sun, planet and the satellite while calculating mean density of the Moon based over known planetary laws.

12.    What relation the Moon has for twelve months in a year and seven days in a week? 

13.    How the Moon on becoming a satellite of the Earth tilted the axis of the Earth?

14.    Does Moon have any linking to formation of life and extinction of species over the Earth?

2.         Click here>  Chapter-2 Why the Sun is perfectly round, though it spins fast? (20120822)

 ·     It was reported in ‘Astronomy (Mobile) Explore scientific’ on dated 12/08/2012 that the Sun’s almost perfectly round shape baffles scientists. Scientists say that because the Sun doesn’t have a solid surface, it should be slightly flattened.

The Challenger has the answer of it.

3.               Click here > Chapter-3 How dinosaur became extinct? (20141002)

 ·     Scientists (World) understand that a big meteor collided with the Earth in the past and that has resulted extinction of the dinosaur. It is not so, see explanation (discovery claim) taken from the book ‘YOUNG AT 100’.

4.               Click here > Chapter-4 How Hot-Jupiters have formed; Why some Hot-Jupiters rotate in the reverse direction and why some of them even orbit around the Star in the reverse direction? (20171201)

 ·     Scientists (World) do not know the reason behind correctly.

5.               Click here >  Chapter-5 Saturn’s hexagonal swirling cloud at the planet’s North Pole. (20181013)

1.  Explanation by Ramesh Varma (India) over the reason behind formation and existence of hexagonal vortex of high altitude during summer over the North Pole of the planet Saturn.

6.               Click here >  Chapter-6: How did the Earth get its Moon? (20200124)

  ·    Scientists have raised their hands that they do not know it correctly; now it is an open issue. It is understood (discovered) that the past history prior to capture of the Moon by the Earth; young Moon was a small planet in between the young Earth and young Mars and much closer to the young Earth. Due to gain in mass from the space (nearby flat rings of asteroids similar to asteroid belt) young Moon shortened its orbital distance with the result it came closer to the Earth on alignment with it. At critical gravity attraction between the young Moon and the young Earth, young Moon shifted its orbital path from around the Sun to around the Earth. In detail see the PDF.

7.               Click here >  Chapter-7: True reason behind rotation of the Sun (star) (20190506)

  ·    Sun does not rotate by the conservation of angular momentum which it had got at its formation from the rotating nebula due to its contraction towards its centre by its gravity as the World understands. Conserved angular momentum got if any by the Sun from the rotating Solar Nebula has ceased billions of years ago due to the friction from the surrounding space (white matter) and from its own gassy matter due to different rotation speeds of its every particle/shell besides some other factors as stated ahead (PDF).

  ·    Now truly, Sun (star) rotates over its axis by the back thrust over its every particle from the Sun’s outgoing materialistic spherical particles curved rays along with other solar ejects. (Back thrust is as per the Newton’s third law over the motion of the objects that action and reaction is equal and opposite.) In detail see the PDF.

7-A.         Click here >  Chapter-7-A: Questionnaire over rotation of the Sun (20190508)

  ·   Confirmation of rejection or acceptance of the discovery claim over true reason behind rotation of the Sun: Two answers have been stated ahead; 
(a) Answer to reject discovery claim and
(b) Answer to accept discovery claim. 
Please respond with your confirmation by selecting anyone of the answers over the website duly sign and stamped. 
Or reply whatsoever you or your organization like(s) to write over my discovery claim but please do not remain silent. Your answer is required to come at the conclusion that what is correct.

8.               Click here >  Chapter-8: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (20190524)

  ·   When Scientists of the World do not know correctly one of the prime basic phenomenon that 'How does the Sun rotate' then how do the Scientists with wrong and false basic knowledge over the subject Astronomy (working mechanism of the celestial bodies) and Physics (Physical materialistic properties of the particle rays and states of the matter) would be able to correctly understand mysterious phenomena of the Sun for which the Parker Solar Probe has been sent closer to the Sun. In detail see the PDF.