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Presently, discovery and discovery claims are not the work of a group of Experts but it is by an individual Ramesh Varma who has been helped by editing his discovery illustrations/proofs by his son Deepak Varma along with co-operation from the staff and his friends/relatives.


The Discoverer/Challenger (Ramesh Varma) is not a professional Astronomer or Physicist but by virtue of his hobby to understand/observe each and everything/phenomenon/action/event in Scientific terms has developed him Jack of most of the subjects (but master of none). Whereas present Modern Researchers are the Master of a patch/part of the subject, rather master/expert over a micro-spot of the subject; perhaps none Expert have left with the mastery over the whole subject. Because of the said snag, Modern Experts/Researchers fail to link various subjects/facts, which is a must to conclude typical facts or to explore mysterious secrets of the Nature.


But the said non-traditional unique properties over the research developed in the Ramesh Varma have resulted to link various subjects/phenomena to discover secrets of most of the phenomena, which has been claimed and challenged.   


Further, much more about him (Discoverer/Challenger) is over the below stated ‘Biography’. 




Biography and snags which are keeping away the World from correctly understanding the challenged subjects.

Author (Challenger) Ramesh Varma now of age 70 years (as on year 2015) of the books (i) MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE in language English over discovery claims related to subjects Astronomy and Physics (Rays of all kinds and states of the matter), (ii) YOUNG AT 100 in language English over human ageing process slow down and (iii) in language Hindi titled: 'वैज्ञानिकों की दिमागी समझ (जो गलत दिशा में है) का पोल-खोल अभियान! सन 2015' over discovery claims related to subjects Astronomy and Physics (Rays of all kinds and states of the matter) is a Science Graduate and he is not professional Astronomer/Physicists. He is in the profession of Business but has hobby to observe natural events and happenings in scientific terms from very early age. From early age he has the hobby to understand events in the scientific way and not to accept any understanding blindly by following the pre-accepted understandings of any nature or kind. During his academic period in school/college whenever he conceived a query (Most of his queries were ideas), his subconscious mind stopped him from asking the answer of the conceived query by making by him believe that the teacher/professor is not competent to give the answer. So he kept on noting the queries with some remarks over a paper and preserving these papers in a box to get its answer by self at any later stage in his life.

After doing graduation in Science (B.Sc.) in the year 1966, he joined business with his father and later after some years he setup a small engineering industry of road safety products in the year 1974. During 1978, he experimented and produced small quantity micro-glass beads (spheres) to use as a reflective product. This experiment was like forming planets from scattered objects in the solar system. In this experiment objects were small (micro) glass particles which were almost suspended in a vertical column (like space) facing the heat rays to form spheres from the hot source (like Sun) at the centre of the column. This experiment helped him to visualize collision of planets and affect of the magnitude of thrust by the gases over the objects, smaller and bigger (this observed factor letter resulted to understand that mean density of the smaller planet Mercury is not lesser than the bigger Earth but it is greater). Further, experiment/attempt to develop means to manufacturer prismatic effect reflective sheets by forming gratings (fine-lines) over the plastic sheet kept him engaged in the research over the subject light/rays. To make dense glass for high reflective index beads has also kept his knowledge alive over the subject light/rays to understand reverse spin of the Venus because bend to the Sun rays by its denser atmosphere.

During the year 1988 while his mother visited him commented on seeing him that he has gone old. These words sparked his mind and he gave deep thought over the cause of ageing. This resulted to conceive the idea to slow down ageing process. So from the same year (1988) when he was of the age 43 years, he started performing exercises to slow down ageing process over his developed devices based on Scientific Fundamentals which he called as UGEAM (Uniform Gravity Exposure And Massage). The results astonished him. Now at the age of 70 years he feels and looks much younger to his age. Geared with all the information and practical results he wrote a book “YOUNG AT 100” which he got printed secretly at a lesser known printing press and published it on his own resources. Ramesh Chander Varma claims that he would have developed/transformed his body much younger to his age from all respects than the present, if he had not to do business to earn a living, which wastes time and gives tension. Further, more gains would have been achieved if he had not to write the said books and struggle for getting the claims/challenges accepted by the World, which too wastes time and develops mind and body towards the negative side.

From the year 1990 to 2006 he applied a number of Indian Patents over the subject health (Human ageing process slow down) and Traffic Safety Devices and got some Patents and some are pending for its grant.

This discovery over the aging process slow down helped him on two major accounts besides keeping him full enthusiastic to perform experiments/ observations. i) it is the uniform gravity exposure which keeps a person young for more years thus the factor gravity a vital subject for Astronomy remain active in his life and ii) to explore more reasons of ageing and from where we have come; he has to go deeper and deeper into the research over the subject which relates to Astronomy i.e., from where our Earth came or where from solar system came and how Universe evolved etc. He got, what no one yet has the chance to get/explore. In this process, he has gone deeper to the basics of Astronomy and Physics (Rays and states of the matter). On going further deeper in the said subjects; he noticed that the World by its mind-set is far away from understanding the truth.

In the year 1986 a comet Halley visited the Sun. On seeing its tail pointing away from the Sun, Author concluded that it is the thrust of the Sun rays, which has resulted this phenomena. At that time Author was not much knowing about Astronomy neither he knew that such observation has already been made by the Scientists during the Years 1950s. Because of this said observation in his mind, during the years of 1990s, he got an idea that the Sun and Earth both spin/rotate at their axis by the Rays, which are materialistic but he did not stepped out further because at that time he was deeply involved in the subject over Human body/ageing process slow down and in the writing of the book ‘Young at 100’ and also in the performance of exercises/ concept over the self. In the year 2003 an article was published in The Tribune written by Prof. Yashpal that the Earth spins by the conservation of angular momentum, which it has got at its formation from the rotating cloud (nebula). The article inspired the Author to write the book over his discovery to make the World aware that what is correct about spin by the planets. He wrote the book ‘MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE’ and released it as 3rd volume along with the book ‘YOUNG AT 100’ on 7th April 2007.

Because Nature has preserved this task for him, so it (Nature) created circumstances to drop studies after graduating Bachelor of Science and to engage into the business/research in the related subject. His hobby in Science; keeping his queries in his brain; making of micro-glass spheres; attempt to make reflective/prismatic sheets; attempt to make dense glass; to be over the subject health related to gravity besides having engineering work
Shop to perform any type of experiment and so many other helpful factors he has been able to explore which is beyond the purview of modern Scientist (Astronomers/Physicists).

This tendered level in Science (Bachelor of Science) knowledge has an off shoot to explore/understand that what have been taught is right or wrong or what to do next and the other straight branch goes to higher level of studies based on the prejudice basics/knowledge. Most people (students) after completing B.Sc. kill their talented off shoot and get lost in their routine but Nature helped and kept this off shoot alive for the Challenger and nursed to grow to make a dent in the World's wrong/false knowledge.

Had the Challenger done PhD or studied beyond this, he would also be like others with prejudice false and wrong basics knowledge which have been Challenged by him (Ramesh Varma). OR he would be peeping through telescope, taking photographs of the celestial bodies or calculating distances of the bodies etc like Astronomers/Physicists.

He got full help and co-operation from his family members, relatives, friends, near-dears and also from his staff and factory workers; till date no one resisted his acts. Nature also blessed him isolated place to think over and to work/write.

There are countless other factors also which have helped and lead the Challenger to this level that he dared to Challenge the World with confidence; never like this before.

After release of the book MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE on 7th April 2007, he noticed that the Scientists are not taking any interest over his discovery claim over the subject Astronomy and Rays (Subject Physics). So, on 18th July 2007, he again invited Press Conference at Chandigarh and challenged the World to counter his discovery claims or accept these. Though he released the Book and also challenged the World in the year 2007 over discovery claims pertaining to subjects 'Astronomy and Physics' (some basics of Astronomy, some unique properties of the rays and states of the matter) but he applied for the Indian Patent in the year 2010; vide Patent Application No. "2863/DEL/2010" titled: MATERIALISTIC UNIVERSE and working mechanism of celestial-bodies based over materialistic-rays. (Patent application is pending as on 05/12/2015 with the remark ‘Application Awaiting Examination').

From the year 2007 to till date, he has written thousands of letters and send thousands of emails to the Concerned* of India and the World but till date nothing positive has been noticed because of the Mind-set with the Concerned and for their vested interest.

Now, the Author has come with a new mode to make aware the World through Science students/Ex-students and General Science concerned of India in particular by writing his discovery claims over true working mechanism of solar/planetary system based over true properties of the rays and solar ejects in the language Hindi title: 'वैज्ञानिकों की दिमागी समझ (जो गलत दिशा में है) का पोल-खोल अभियान! सन 2015'

As the said subjects have went wrong in understanding at their basics; so any Science Concerned of academic level Matriculates to B.Sc. can well understand; even an intelligent General Person, who is keen to understand is also fully competent to understand the discovered and claimed facts.

Aim of the Author now is to make the Science students/Ex-students and General Science Concerneds aware about the discovered facts. Loud voice raised by them would jolt the key holders of stamped accepted knowledge of the World to come at the conclusion at what is correct over the challenged subjects.