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Get reward# as stated below by proving discovery claim as wrong and false over working mechanism of solar system based over understood materialistic particle properties of the rays just by giving answers to some questionnaires. (No need to peep through telescope; only preliminary basic knowledge over theoretical Astronomy is required). 

Get rewardRs. 50 Lacs
or equivalent US Dollars

Text and illustration of advertisements in the magazine Astronomy:

1. ROTATION OF THE SUN >Click here   



Text (slides) of illustration put over the YouTube:

1. ROTATION OF THE SUN >Click here   



Root level discovery claims:
Titled: ‘SPARK’ : A planet is away from the Sun, not only due to one force (i.e., centrifugal force) but also additional away at a distance by another force (thrust/push) by the blow of solar-ejects. To prove discovery claim ‘SPARK’ as wrong (or Discoverer/Challenger as Foolish and Stupid); give answers to some queries as stated over page No. 3 under title: 'MIND-SET BREAKER QUERIES'. (Academic standard: Middle School to Matriculate in Science).

SPARK >Click here


Titled: ‘SCIENCE TOPPLED’: Real (not calculated) mean-densities of the planets (Mercury and Venus) are greater (not lesser) than the correct (practically known) mean-density of the Earth. To prove discovery claim ‘SCIENCE TOPPLED’ as wrong (or Discoverer/Challenger as Foolish and Stupid); give answers to some queries as stated over the ‘CONCLUSION QUERIES’ attached to ‘SCIENCE TOPPLED’. (Academic standard: Matriculate to Graduate in Science).


'Spin by the planets': A very important another root level discovery claim:

Planets close to the Sun (Mercury and Venus) by the friction caused from the matter of their molten cores have proved that planets do not spin by the conservation of angular momentum (automatic) as understood by the Astronomers.

The said discovery claim can also be very easily understood by just giving answers to some Objective Type Queries stated over 'SCIENCE TOPPLED' PART A2 (Illustrated).


Discovery over distance of a planet from the Sun (star) and over the real mean-densities of the planets is just a millionth part of the total discovery claim, whereas total prime discovery is over the real working mechanism of solar/planetary/ celestial-bodies system and over unique materialistic properties of the rays along with true states of the matter. (Academic standard: Graduate to PhD in Science).

A Science Graduate can understand claimed discovery over subjects 'Astronomy and Physics';
(even an intelligent Matriculate can also understand).

Claimed discovery is in fact by the Science Community and not by the Challenger: Ramesh Varma (Discoverer/Challenger) is not a professional Astronomer/Physicist but by virtue of hobby entered into the research in non-traditional ways/modes. He has never peeped through a telescope but the Computed result got by the Discoverer is from your’s (Scientists’) own accumulated thousands of new discoveries/findings over a span of 400 years by your own framed scientific laws of the subject Physics, which have proved your own 400 years old speculation (theories) over challenged subjects (Some basics of Astronomy; some basic properties of the rays and states of the matter) as wrong and false. Discovery that what is correct over the said subjects is in fact not by the Challenger but it is by the Science Community. Since the release of discovery claim (April 7, 2007); Concerned scientists are unable to understand concluded discovered facts even by very simple laws of the Physics due to the prejudice hard mind-set from centuries.

His research is over numerous subjects which were/are beyond the purview of modern-science and traditional Researchers/ Scientists.

Presently; particularly over this website, he has exhibited his discovery claims over the subjects Astronomy (some of its basics) and Physics (some basics of the rays and states of the matter).

He has challenged the World over his discovery claims pertaining to above said subjects by proving knowledge with the World as wrong and false. He has also offered a cash reward for whom, who would prove his discovery claims over the said subjects as wrong and false.

The Litmus Test:

The most important information: Please give answers to the queries stated over yellow paged discovery claim 'SPARK' under title: 'MIND-SET BREAKING QUERIES' over distance of a planet from the Sun (star) and also over discovery claim 'SCIENCE TOPPLED'  under pink paged titled: 'CONCLUSION QUERIES' over the real mean-densities of the planets Mercury and Venus. Answers given by you would prove to your self that what you know already over the challenged subjects related to Astronomy (basics) and Physics (states of the matter and properties of the rays), most of which is wrong and false.